Separator Crumbler

Egretier egreneur trieur pour l'industrie agroalimentaire en version françaiseEGRETIER’s continual innovation delivers improved productivity to the food industry

The EGRETIER SEPARATOR CRUMBLER has evolved from years of R and D in the Wine Industry section of EGRETIER, with the design intent of gently separating grapes from the stems. These grapes would then be gently transferred to the maceration tanks from 10 > 25 T/hr.

Adapting this equipment for use within the Food Industry was relatively simple, and these machines are being used within IQF facilities for separating frozen vegetable products (eg pepper strips and zucchini slices) as well as a range of dried fruit products. These include raisins, diced mangoes, pineapple, sliced bananas, and more.

The EGRETIER SEPARATOR CRUMBLER can also be used for breaking down powders and granular products to smaller particle sizes, such as sugar, before bagging.

The desired outcome when using the SEPARATOR CRUMBLER is to preserve the integrity of the compacted foods, while separating them delicately with minimal to no damage.

Discuss with us your specific needs, and, if required, we can test your product in our facility to ensure you get the best result for your product.

Egretier’s continual innovation delivers improved productivity to the food industry.

EGRETIER SEPARATOR CRUMBLER for food industry and collective food


Operating mode

The frozen and/or ‘lumpy’ product is transferred (manual or conveyor) into the receiving chute which then directs the product into the mesh drum. The gentle screw keeps the product moving and the ‘hedgehog’ (Stainless Steel fingers) teases and separates the frozen/sticky products into their individual parts. The unit has two independent variable speed drives so can be ‘tuned’ to the specific products being separated.

Along the mesh drum the selected screen sections allow for dispersion and product discharge with minimal damage. The equipment design has a particular focus on safe, quick and easy cleaning, plus accessible maintenance.

Operation of the hedgehog and the cylindrical grid with fingers of the Separator crumbler EGRETIER for food industry and collective restoration

Operation of the hedgehog and the cylindrical grid with fingers


IQF ingredients

IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) process allows each food piece to be deep frozen individually just after cutting/slicing .

In this way the quality of the product can be guaranteed due to taste preservation, maintaining the nutritional value and the texture of the food. After the IQF process various IQF foods can be mixed/blended , for example, mixed vegetables. The ice crystals that form in the tissue cells are very small, which avoids the fracture of the cell walls that can damage the product quality. So when defrosting these IQF products there is no loss of liquids/fluids and all the desirable properties are preserved.

The IQF technology applies not only to fruits and vegetables, but also to meat, seafood and cheese.

Productivity gains and respect for food

Combining the EGRETIER Crumbler Separator with an IQF process, will ensure a resultant high-quality food product with an improved productivity gain. Taste, nutrition and texture are preserved and food safety requirements are also delivered.

For all specific requests, please contact us, our teams will advise and accompany you to improve your productivity, your development capacity and the quality of your products in complete safety.


Separation of raw and cooked onions IQF

SEPARATION of St. Jacques shells IQF

SEPARATION OF candied mango cubes

Other examples of treated products

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  1. Michele Gimona says:


    We are looking for a crumbler but all the surfaces in contact with the product must be made of Titanium or plastics like pvc, acrylic, pp or pet. Could you cusomize your machines?


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