Separator crumbler, an asset for collective catering

Egretier egreneur - trieur, gamme d'équipements agroalimentaire en version françaiseSemolina is canteens’s star starch. It can be used in a hot dish, but also in tabouleh or dessert. Only drawback, it must be crumbled and if it is easily done in your kitchen, it is better to find a more effective solution than the hand or fork in collective catering.

The EGRETIER separator-crumbler is not only a solution to this problem, but also to solve the problems caused by the disassembly of pack foods such as IQF fruits and vegetables, dried fruits or other pack foods used in collective kitchen.


This is a major technical innovation, it makes, safely, to disaggregate packs food IQF or others and then use them for the preparation of collective meals.

The separation of frozen or agglomerated ingredients without thawing and almost instantaneously, allows a high productivity gain and the guarantee of maintaining the high sanitary quality of the products used. The device is completely covered and secured according to the standards of the food industry, facilitating its maintenance as well as its quick and easy cleaning.

Examples of products disassembled by EGRETIER SEPARATOR CRUMBLER:

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