Our Services

Les services d'Egretier gamme d'équipements agroalimentaire en version françaiseResearch and development

Since 1954, we design and manufacture all equipment exclusively in France in our factory in Narbonne. We work in partnership with universities, but also and especially with our customers: we remain at your disposal to develop the material to the best of your expectations. Always at the forefront of innovation, we are always looking to improve the productivity, quality and safety of the food industries.

Tips, Demonstrations and Adaptations

We put at your disposal, technical advisers to define with you the material mostsuited to your needs and perform tests in your production lines. If you want to make an appointment for a council or the definition of new equipment to improve your productivity, please contact us.
We can also adapt our food equipment to your constraints, please contact us.

After Sales Dept. :

Repairs and maintenance

EGRETIER is distinguished by the reliability and robustness of its equipment. We offer a service that allows on request, to repair, maintain or update your tools. For all information on our After Sales Dept., please contact us.


For all requests as spare parts, repair or update your EGRETIER equipment, feel free to contact us.