Egretier gamme de silos,équipements agroalimentaire en version françaiseEGRETIER offers a wide size range of storage tanks. These are generally equipped with screw augers for wet, fibrous and pasty products such as fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, but also abattoir by-products.

The stainless-steel tanks can be equipped with jacketing for heating and cooling, insulation, washing heads, plus LIW or GIW weighing systems. For all specific requests,  please contact us.

EGRETIER tanks for the food industry


Technical data:

  • Total capacity up to 50 m3.
  • Auger screw 160 to 450 mm in diameter.
  • Discharge valve sealing with pneumatic control.
  • Support of tank/hopper with or without provision of weigh devices.

Optional equipment:

  • 80mm insulation with stainless steel outer coating.
  • Double jacket with heat transfer fluid passage.
  • Cleaning head, weighing sensors.
  • Thermometer, Lighting, Drain and Cleaning (CIP)

For all specific requests, please contact us, our teams will advise and accompany you to improve your productivity, your development capacity and the quality of your products in complete safety.

examples of storage products