Présentation Egretier gamme d'équipements agroalimentaire en version françaiseSince 1955, the company EGRETIER designs and manufactures exclusively in France a wide range of machines and equipment for food industry business (IAA) in order to optimize their productivity while guaranteeing a working comfort and a strengthened safety

Innovation FOR wine world and food industry

Originally competent in the design and manufacture of wine machines and equipment, the EGRETIER Company has, over time, been able to extend its expertise and know how to serve the food industry.
EGRETIER offers today, twenty flagship products among which: machines for conveying and processing pasty, fibrous or fragile products …

A family business of innovative tradition

SARL JEAN MICHEL EGRETIER was created in July 2006, to summarize the activity of the family business founded in 1954 by the father of the current manager. The company is now managed by Jean-Michel EGRETIER, in collaboration with his father who continues to ensure the technical design. The father tandem ensures sustainability in innovation, initiated more than half a century ago in the service of food industry.

Research and development

All EGRETIER’s R & D activities are guided by the constant concern to meet the real needs of the customer:

“We are following the needs of our customers, which drives our research.”

But if innovation has allowed EGRETIER to make a name for itself, it is also because the company has been able to protect its inventions. The intellectual property policy is very clear: a patent for each invention/

Industrial property and market control

“The industrial property permits a greater control of the markets and gives a certain financial impact for the company.”

This industrial property policy and the production of each piece manufactured in France in the EGRETIER factory corresponds to a deliberate choice that has a real impact on the development of the company. A financial reality which has increased its turnover and its net result. A human reality as well, EGRETIER continuing to recruit.

Our multiple skills allow us to freely adapt our products according to your needs.

Please, contact us: our team of professionals puts at your disposal its dynamism and its experience to satisfy your request.